normal life.


i’m currently working through my final semester of a counseling psychology program and let me tell you folks, this woman is tired. i had hoped this day wouldn’t come until the last month of my final internship & classes, but i must be honest, it’s been one grey winter. living a mindful-present sort of life right now has been really difficult when one knows there is a conclusion to all of this. life is always brighter “on the other side,” i suppose. i’ve fooled myself through fantasy more than once, but to deeply acknowledge the perils of unemployment and all that lies beyond the blue for me this spring doesn’t actually seem all that helpful. after four hard years of fine-tuning my whininess about adult-living, i’m not enthused about thinking about the reality of the hard-harder-hardest that may be to come…and is it really? one can hope. one can fool oneself…that life really will be greener…over there. pleasedearlordletitbe.


creative things are not happening as much for me these days (see above:), so i’ve taken to the beauty to be found in normalcy, like clean laundry and a mid-morning, sun-dappled bedchamber.

like a candlelit dinner with that one, special loved-person in my life. like washing dishes with palmolive coconut butter soap, like taking three baths a week and discovering that i can do ‘legs up the wall’ in the tub and it is the. best. therapy. ever.

just normal happenings, normal cleanings, more than surviving-accepting what is & giving life credit for being enough.



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