pie in the sky

a couple weekends ago, we were able to get away to a friend’s cabin on armenia mountain. quiet was our game & quiet we found. there was a lot of bird-watching, picnics on the floor, pleasure reading, cuddling, some winter walking, some getting stuck in the snow & successfully pushing ourselves off the mountain for pizza & genuine rest before the last big push to finishing this academic-thing i’ve been working on for three years.
pie2r pie1r






pie5rthey’re are lots of lover-photos in this post, mostly because this last big push is his too…he’s been sharing this burden/joy/path with me all along and has given so generously…income, backrubs, late night talks, isthiswhatimsupposedtodowithmalife doubting sessions, cooked meals & laundry, so much laundry…he’s been an amazing partner through all this and his blue eyes? woah. i’m in love:)






4 thoughts on “pie in the sky

  1. i looooove the telescope shot and tim looooves the gray-hairs-in-the-beard shot, and we looove yous in all your blues.

  2. I love those little gray hairs! So lovely and strong- both of you are. Ashley your photographs- mmmmmm. Your way of seeing continues to astonish me. You meant for that lens, girl.

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